The 2018/2019 academic Calendar/Session of this citadel of learning officially came to an end, with the last examination of all our programmes on Wednesday 18th December, 2019. It has been a very long, tedious and energy sapping session for everyone. A session that virtually consumed twelve calendar months, couldn’t have been without some pains, but we are grateful to almighty God, for giving us the grace to conclude the session, at very long last.

Let me on behalf of every one of us in Management, show our very sincere and deep appreciation to all categories of staff and students for being worthy partners in the process of making the session a huge success. I am particularly grateful to the staff for painstakingly staying the course and showing uncommon patriotism by ensuring that the system was successfully concluded.

Although this is not a score card of the session, but there is a need to describe the session within the context of what we all had to endure in making the session a success. This is particularly important because of the numerous sacrifices made by all categories of staff in the College, during this outgoing session. Those sacrifices are not lost on the Management.

It has been a very difficult and very long session, with lots of ups and downs. The beauty of all that happened during the session however, is that we were able to come out with a better understanding of what we need to do to make the College a better place for both staff and students. We are today conscious of the need for constructive engagement and discussion of all matters. We have come to accept that some steps are inevitable, if we truly want the College to become a citadel of academic excellence.

I do not have any illusion that the steps being taken by the present leadership of the College will not bring some pains, but the gains of these steps will definitely be more rewarding in the future. For instance, conducting two accreditations of both our NCE and Degree programmes, within a year and without borrowing a dime, cannot come without eating deep into our purse. The conduct of these accreditation came with a price. The price in a way affected the servicing of some statutory responsibilities, especially in the payment of some allowances. Although we anticipated this fallout, but the understanding of all, is that this alternative route would serve us better in the future. We are doing everything humanly possible to meet all statutory responsibilities in the coming days.

The good news at the moment, is that all the programmes in the College (NCE & Degree) have been accredited. Indeed, the result of the last accreditation by National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) in August, showed that all of the 27 programmes put up for accreditation have full accreditation status.

Let it be on record that the feat achieved couldn’t have been possible without the understanding and support of all the staff unions in the College. The three staff unions showed uncommon understanding, dedication and patriotism. They were true patriots in the way they treated matters that would have resulted in the shutdown of the system.

We in management are conscious of the extent to which the energies of all of us within the system (staff and students) have been exerted, even beyond limit in most cases. It is by His Grace that none of our staff and students suffered any stress induced health challenges. We are therefore grateful to all the staff for their understanding, in spite of the very difficult situation and conditions.

As we collectively draw down the curtain on the 2018/2019 academic session, we all need to ensure that the gains of the session are not only sustained, but improved upon, while the pains we had, should be totally done away with. We in management promised to ensure a better and more rewarding condition for all (staff & students) in the coming session. Surely OSCOED Ilesa, deserves the best in the 2019/2020 academic session.

Wishing everyone in Osun State College of Education (staff and students) a very warm, pleasant and merry Christmas as well as a very wonderful, blissful and happy new year.